Enjoy Russian” language school (Petrozavodsk, Russia) invites Russian language learners to programs of full Russian language and cultural immersionin autumn, 2019:

  1. Standard courses in small groups

  2. Individual courses (TORFL exam, Russian for business, for tourism etc.)

  3. Russian 50+ for adults

And only in September – exclusive communicative course + travelling around Baikalwithin the project “Colorful Russia”.

Duration of the courses: from 2 to 12 weeks

Starting dates: the 2nd, 16th and 30th of September, the 28th of October.

Group summer courses are still available for booking!

Advantages of the programs:

  • Effectiveness: our school is 15 years old, with us more than 1500 students started to speak Russian. Students not only study Russian in the class, but implement their new knowledge into real life every day.

  • Location: Petrozavodsk is small and safe town in 5 hours from St. Petersburg, where students have real opportunity to practice Russian everywhere; in the streets, at cafes and in the shops – people won’t switch to English, as they do in St. Petersburg or Moscow.

  • Affordable costs: tuition fee for group courses is just 8 euro per lesson (160 euro per week). Moreover, we give 10% discounts for groups in September.

  • Safety: the school stuff, host families and Russian volunteers are always there for the students, providing them with 24/7 support.

Attached is an announcement of the courses, we kindly ask you to place it on a notice board or to forward this message to the students. We’ll appreciate any help in informing students about the program.

We invite teachers of Russian as a foreign language to educational seminars in Petrozavodsk this summer: