Since 2007, our institution offers a third year professional *bachelor program* in
*Computer Networks, Mobility, Security.*

We receive each year 15 students from different countries in our program for one or
two semesters.

*The whole program is taught in English *and associates 6 months at university and a
*4-month internship *in a company or in a laboratory (in France
or in another country).

Two cursus are available :

- One semester in France within the *Erasmus+ *Context.

- Two semesters including the internship. In this latter case, the *French diploma*
'licence professionnelle : Métiers des Réseaux et
Télécommunications - Parcours Réseaux Informatiques, Mobilité, Sécurité' (
Professional bachelor in Computer Networks and Telecommunications
specializing in Computer Networks, Mobility, Security) can be passed by the foreign

*This possibility is also open for ERASMUS+ students, for a two-semester mobility.*