?Enjoy Russian? language school invites students, learning Russian as a
foreign language, to intensive summer programs of full Russian immersion
in Petrozavodsk, Russia!

We organize individual and group courses since 2004. The programs are
both exciting and effective due to:

 1. 1.Professional Russian course focused on improvement of speaking
    skills through creative teaching methods;
 2. 2.Russian homestay with meals, which helps students to experience
    Russian hospitality;
 3. 3.Support of Russian volunteers - locals, who?re always ready to
    help and accompany to all must-visit places around;
 4. 4.Diverse cultural program to show the students the beauty of
    Karelian nature and immerse them into Russian history and traditions.

Duration of the programs: 2-12 weeks

Starting dates: May 13, June 3, June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29,
August 12, September 2

Tuition fee: 160 euro per week (20 lessons). We offer discounts for groups!

There is a colorful advertisement
<https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fYxlRmwkUFxYHJRn6gN9v9ntqh3XbbbY>. We
kindly ask you to put it on an information desk or forward this message
to the students. We?ll appreciate any help in informing students
interested in Russian culture and language about this possibility.

The School ?Enjoy Russian? operates as a department of Karelian regional
educational organization ?Tsentr ?Initsiativa?, a member of
International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and
Literature, widely known under its Russian abbreviation, MAPRYAL, we
teach Russian as a foreign language since 2004. More than 1500 students
from all over the world participated in programs offered by our School!
If you?re not interested in this offer, please, forward this message to
your colleagues who might be interested.