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The official Polish currency is Złoty (PLN or zł). 1 złoty equals to 100 groszy (gr).

The coins are issued in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 gr and 1, 2, 5 zł denominations. The banknotes are issued in 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zł denominations.

Money can be exchanged in banks or at exchange offices (in Polish "kantor"). Exchange offices are usually open from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays and till 2 pm on Saturdays. They are usually to be found in the city centres or at the shopping malls. For current exchange rates of foreign currencies in zlotys visit National Bank of Poland website.

Poland does not belong to Euro currency system. However, many places such as hotels and restaurants accept Euro. Neverheless, it is better to check with the staff first.



The list of banks operating in Poland is published on the National Bank of Poland website.

Opening hours

Usual opening hours are from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays, some branches are open till 6 or 7 pm. In smaller towns and villages, banks may be open from 8 am to 3 pm.


The network of ATMs (in Polish "bankomat") in Poland is well-developed. Many cash machines operate 24/7 and they are easily accessible in cities and larger towns. ATMs are usually located near places such as banks, shopping malls, railway and bus stations or universities.

Opening a bank account

Foreigners may open a bank account in Poland in most of the banks. The list of required documents depends on a foreigner’s citizenship, status and the bank chosen. In order to open a bank account, you will usually need a passport (ID for EU citizens) and a residence permit. Some other documents which may be required include a LUT student ID card or a scholarship statement. The bank will usually issue a debit card.

Cost of Living

In comparison with other European or Polish cities, Lublin is a fairly inexpensive place to live. The cost of living depends on your lifestyle. However, it may be roughly estimated that an international student may require approximately 2000 PLN (500 Euro). Please find below a SAMPLE budget and prices below.


Sample budget


Euro per month

LUT`s Hall of Residence approximate rent








Telephone and Internet


Leisure time and sports


Total approximately


Asking former exchange or full degree LUT students is a very good method of estimating the approximate cost of living in Lublin.

Prices - some examples 

  • Shops
Bread (0,5kg)1
Bottle of mineral water (1,5 l)1
Eggs (a packet of 10 eggs)2
Potatoes (1 kg)0,5
Bananas (1kg)2
Beer (0,5 l)1
Wine (0,75 l)5-8
Meat (1 kg)6-10
Shampoo (250 ml)2
Washing powder (0,4 kg)1,5

  • Restaurants, bars and hotels
Coffee in a bar4-6
Lunch in a restaurant5-10
Beer in a pub3-5
Room in a hostel (per person per night)30-40
Room in a hotel (per person per night)from 40

  • Other
a 30-minute bus ticket1
a ticket to the cinema5-7
entry into a club0-5
monthly membership in a gymfrom 20
 a single visit to a pool4-5
 bowling per hour7


There is a great variety of different types of places where you can do your shopping.

  • Shopping malls are usually open from 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week (excluding public holidays, a few Sundays) and besides doing your shopping there you may also visit a restaurant, a gym or go to the cinema.
  • Some hypermarkets operate 24/6 while other are open from 7-8 am till 10 pm. Usual opening hours of supermarkets are from 6-8 am to 9 pm. They offer a fair range of food products from all over the world.
  • Opening hours of local shops vary considerably - some may be closed at 6 pm while other as late as 11 pm. Some local shops are open on Sundays and on public holidays. They usually offer groceries.
  • Boutiqes are located in the city centre and usually open at 10 am.
  • Markets are very popular in Poland - they are usually open from early morning hours. They offer fresh fruit, vegetables and a variety of other goods, including clothes. There are several markets in Lublin, e.g. at Wileńska Street and Ruska Street.
  • Kiosks are small shops located near bus stops and on the corners of the streets. They offer a wide range of products including newspapers, refreshments and stationery. You can buy tickets for the public transport and upload the phone cards there. Usual opening hours are from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Petrol stations are often open 24/7. If you need to buy some basic products at night or on public holidays, a petrol station may be the best option.

There are several local shops, supermarkets, pharmacies within walking distance of the university campus. Since LUT campus is located in the city centre hypermarkets and shopping malls are also easily accessible on foot or by bus.

Places to eat

Whether you choose to stay at LUT's Halls of Residence, other dormitories in Lublin or in privately rented accommodation, you will probably have access to a kitchen. Therefore, you will be able to cook for yourself.

However, if you prefer to eat out, Lublin offers a wide variety of options:

  • Lanczomania - a self-service reastaurant located in the very centre of the campus (canteen building, 1st floor). The restaurant operates a pay by weight system and is reasonably priced (2,80 PLN per 100 gr). It offers a variety of dishes, including two soups and two vegetarian and three non-vegetarian dishes a day. Lanczomania is open 7 days a week.
  • Cafeterias - there are a few cafeterias located on the campus, e.g. at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or at the Faculty of Management. They are relatively low priced and offer quick service enabling you to meet other students and staff.
  • Bars, restaurants and takeaways close to the campus - there are many inexpensive places to eat within walking distance of the university campus. They offer Polish cuisine, Chinese food, pizza or kebab, to mention but a few of the most popular options.
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars in the city centre - in the city centre, it is easy to find a good place to eat offering Polish, Italian, American, Turkish, Indian, Japanese, Chinese or Thai cuisine. The prices vary depending on the location and menu. However, a typical good quality lunch costs around 20-30 PLN per person. Some websites enable you to find restaurants in your neighbourhood.

Public transport

Lublin has a good and efficient public transportation system. Buses and trolleybuses enable residents and visitors to get around the city quite easily.


Tickets can be bought at several places:

  • some bus stops (by using the ticket machines)
  • several kiosks and shops (newsagents or paper shops) usually located near the bus stops
  • on some buses there are ticket machines - some accept payment with the bank card, some coins.

The complete list of ticket sales points is available here.

The fares depend on the type of a ticket (e.g. a single-ride ticket, a 30-minute ticket, a 60-minute ticket, a 30-day ticket). A 30-minute ticket costs 3,20 PLN (1,60 PLN with a student discount).

In order to be entitled to using tickets with a student discont, you must hold a valid student ID card issued by LUT. Travelling without a valid ticket carries a maximum fine of 160 PLN.

Please find the information on Electronic Ticket Card here. For details concerning the tickets please follow the link.

Routes and timetables

There are buses and trolleybuses operating in zones marked as Zone 1 and Zone 2. They have different prices for a ride.

The timetable is available here. For public transport journey planner please follow the link.


Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Lublin. The city has a well-developed cycling infrastructure. There are more and more bike paths without necessity of sharing it with pedestrians and/or cars.

City bikes

Lubelski Rower Miejski was launched in 2014. It is a system of self-service city bikes rental locations which provides an alternative form of transport. The network consists of 43 stations and 430 bikes. In order to start using city bikes, you must register online and pay the initial fee (20 PLN). The prices depend on the rental period. For details please follow the link.

Buying a bicycle

It is also possible to buy a new or a second-hand bike. New bikes may be bought at some hypermarkets, specialized bike shops or online. A second-hand bike may be bought from a fellow student or at a flea market. You may also look up advertisements in local newspapers or on the information boards on campus.

 Taxi/Bolt cars

Ordering a taxi is far more expensive than using public transport or bikes. However, in some situations it may be a convenient means of transport. The taxi fare varies between companies and it also depends on a day and an hour of service. Many taxis accept debit cards but it is better to check with the driver before the start of a ride. It may be also safer and cheaper to book a taxi by telephone than to take it from a taxi rank.

Sport and leisure

From doing sports to clubbing and sunbathing on a beach, Lublin offers a wide range of possibilities to relax actively or simply chill out. There is a great variety of sport clubs, swimming pools, green and recreational zones, game rooms, workshops, pubs, nightclubs and numerous other institutions and facilities which will help you never get bored in Lublin.

 Institutions, places and facilities

Lake Zemborzycki - a large artificial lake on the River Bystrzyca and a recreational zone. Among many other activities, the area offers swimming pools, water playground, water slides, volleyball pitch, restaurants, sand beach, outdoor fitness equipment, cycling paths, water equipment and bike rental services. The lake with its surroundings provide wonderful views and attracts many visitors, especially during the summer.

Botanical garden - located in the Czechówka River valley, the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Botanical Garden includes a vast collection of plants from all over the world, beautiful gardens, glasshouses and a café. You may go there for a walk or simply relax over a cup of coffee. The garden is open from April to October.

Ogród Saski - a park in the city centre. It was founded in 1837 and thoroughly renovated in 2013. The park contains many charming squares and alleys, a pond, a fountain and an outdoor concert hall which hosts many concerts and other events. Ogród Saski is an excellent place for strolls or meetings with friends.

Centre for Culture in Lublin - besides organizing numerous film, theatre or visual arts events, the centre deals with education. You can participate in many thematic workshops, meetings and projects. Various activities offered there include playing board games, freerun, street dance, photography, slackline and much more. For details please visit the website.

Globus - sports and leisure complex. It consists of sport and entertainment arena used for sporting events and concerts, an ice rink, a fitness centre. For more information on events calendar please follow the link.

Lublin Arena football stadium - opened in 2014. With 15,000 seats, it is the biggest stadium in Lublin. It hosts football matches and is the home of Motor Lublin and KS Lublinianka football clubs. It is also used for music concerts. For details please follow the link.

Aqua Lublin - the biggest swimming complex in the Eastern Poland. Aqua Lublin offers an Olympic swimming pool, jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, water playground, water slides, counter-current pool, sauna, gym and other attractions.

Sports clubs - whether you would like to play tennis or do karate, Lublin has something for you. For more information on numerous sports clubs functioning in Lublin please folllow the link.

Cycling - Lublin has an extensive network of cycle paths. You may use your own bike or rent it. Lubelski Rower Miejski, a system of self-service city bikes rental, was launched in 2014. It provides an alternative form of transport, sightseeing (you may rent a bike with an audio guide) or recreation. For details please follow the link.

Clubs and pubs - there is a great variety of clubs, bars and pubs in Lublin - why not listen to live music, go to a disco or relax at a bar? An additional asset is the fact that many facilities offer student discounts. The list of clubs, bars and pubs may be found here.

For more information on institutions and facilities, please follow the links below:

Culture and tourism

Lublin is well-known for its picturesque location on hills, rich multicultural history, beautiful architecture as well as vibrant cultural and student life. The city was granted the municipal status 700 years ago and for ages it has been a multicultural melting pot where people from different cultures and nationalities mixed, worked and lived together. Lublin's history is reflected in its architecture, especially the stunning Old Town and the city's landmark, the Holy Trinity Chapel, making the city a perfect touristic destination.

Nowadays, Lublin is a hospitable modern city as well as an administrative and academic centre with rich cultural offer. Thus, it has rightfully been named and promoted as a City of Inspiration and it is definitely worth visiting.

Below you may find information concerning the city's tourist and cultural attractions.


There are plenty of ways to discover Lublin. You may take advantage of the trails described on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre, including the famous Lublin Renaissance Route. Another interesting option is a trolleybus tourist line - a vintage trolleybus named Ziutek will help you to explore Lublin and see its landmarks. If this is still not enough, you may always rent a bike with an audio guide or take part in the Whispered Lublin project. Whichever way you choose, there are some places in Lublin which you must visit.


List of Lublin must see attractions:

  • Cracow Gate
  • Trinitarian Tower
  • The Dominican Church and Monastery
  • Old Town Hall
  • Po Farze Square
  • Grodzka Gate
  • The Lublin Castle
  • Holy Trinity Chapel
  • Krakowskie Przedmieście
  • Litewski Square
  • Lublin Cathedral
  • New City Hall
  • Cemetry in Lipowa Street



Whether you are a jazz lover or a science fiction and fantasy fan, Lublin is a place for you! The city boasts lots of active cultural institutions, such as Centre for Culture in Lublin, as well as an events calendar which will keep you busy all year. In order to facilitate making the most of Lublin cultural offer, the Municipality of Lublin City publishes an online event calendar. Moreover, there are many lists of internationally and nationally renowned annual events and the websites of numerous Lublin cultural institutions which may be of help.



List of selected recurring events in Lublin:



  • Christmas Festival
  • Student Film Confrontations
  • Old Town Harmonies


  • Lublin Jazz Festival
  • Scenes from Shakespeare in English Festival
  • Lublin Student Culture Days
  • The Night of Museums









You can find information on other theatres in Lublin on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre.


Museums and Art Galleries

You can find information on other museums in Lublin on the official website of Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre.



You can find information on other institutions in Lublin on the official website of Municipality of Lublin City.

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