The beginning of the academic year means OTRZESINY❗️.
Already on October 20, the Students of Lublin University of Technology will celebrate the beginning of the next semester in the club SERCE❗️.
Which means one thing ➡️ the whole city will be talking about it!
And Tribbs' remixes will give you a solid dance step into the new academic year!
We will remember the songs that have permanently entered the canon of Polish popular music!
His selections, above all, are wise and beautiful songs with a universal message, including HIT LATA 2022 "Last time you will dance with me" (FT. Cuban), "All Saints' Ball", "Ghost", "Taste of Words", among others. His songs are played on the biggest radio stations, i.e. RMF FM, RMF MAX, Radio Eska, among others, and his remixes, have become socialmedia virals and are breaking display records.
So to summarize:
Music will be
Company will be
The shake-ups? There will be!🔥🔥
And one that you will not forget for a veeeery long time!
So what? Shall we dance with each other again?💃🏾🕺🏼

Start at 21:00
The club reserves the right to select +18 guests.
Ticket Information :
Pre-sale : 20 PLN
Gate : 30 PLN
In addition, tickets can be purchased from mobile sellers, as well as at the KAZIK student club.
Contact to mobile sellers :
🟢Kasia Wójcik (WIŚ) tel. 721 - 964 - 482
🟠Sambor Warzecha (WM) tel. 535 - 933 - 552
⚪️Natalia Zemsta (WBiA, DS2)tel. 795 - 902 - 002
🟡Jędrzej Grzelak (WEiI) tel. 669 - 251 - 535.
🔴Łukasz Zawadzki(WPT) tel. 511 - 513 - 054
🔵Oskar Kowalczyk (WZ) tel. 694 - 366 - 195