As every year, we join the Saint Nicholas' Day Action „KońWół Świętego Mikołaja”.

The action already has its history!
Once again, volunteers of the On the Road Program (Volunteer Center in Lublin) are organising a Christmas campaign for children in the centres for foreigners in Bezwola, Biała Podlaska and Kolonia Horbów.

This year, the Volunteer Center made a decision to reach children in other border places, including Białystok and Przemyśl within the action „KońWół Świętego Mikołaja”. There are families who have been officially and legally applying for asylum for many weeks. Children do not know exactly what is going on and they are thrown into a completely new reality. Therefore, they cannot be left without support. How many of them are there? How many packages should be prepared? We can only estimate because it changes every day. We know about 800 children so far which means that we need to collect 800 “KitKat”bars.
When we count it, it isn’t much BUT it can bring so much happiness and joy!


You can bring the bars to the International Education Office – Student’s Dorm number 4, room number 6, street Nadbystrzycka 42a