There is the information on some points of the medical help

Private medical points:

CenterMed Lublin

Laboratories, where you could make the paid Covid tests:





Emergency Dental Care

Outpatient Dental Clinic

ul. Hipoteczna 4, Lublin

Medical emergency situations

In case of an emergency such as an accident, a life-threatening condition, injury, childbirth, sudden disease or health deterioration, you should call an ambulance or go to a local hospital. In such an event the necessary medical rescue services will be provided without a referral (e.g. a document directing a patient to a medical specialist by a GP).

not in the case of emergency situation, Remember, that in a hospital you must present a valid EHIC Card or any other proof of health insurance. Otherwise, the cost of treatment must be covered from your own funds.


Regional Specialist Hospital/ Voivodship Hospital

100, Kraśnicka Avenue, Lublin