Dear Students, if you want to get to know a piece of Polish culture here it is for you!

the original online musical 'Captain Żbik and a Yellow Soda Cart' at available with English subtitles.

Warsaw, the '70s, July scorching heat. Another congress of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party is about to begin. Nobody knows that a spy has just arrived in the city...
There's only one person who can defeat him and he's already on the chase. As fast as lightning, as sly as a fox, a Polish superhero and James Bond in one − captain Żbik. And though he enjoys home-made raspberry juice more than a glass of martini, he never hesitates when face to face with an enemy. A legendary hero of PRL comic books has been brought back to life by Teatr Syrena to fight against yet another villain.
Original Polish musical created by a master of this genre – Wojciech Kościelniak. A true spirit of Warsaw of the '70s captured onstage. Sparkling humor and unforgettable music. Follow a story of a PRL comic book hero, hum along catchy tunes and just have fun.