The statement No.1/2020 of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology  from the 2nd of March 2020 in the matter of the epidemiology situation

Due to the epidemiology situation in the Asian regions and in Italy, LUT employees and students are obliged to constantly monitor current statements concerning coronavirus published on the following Institutions’ websites:

  • the Ministry Of Science and Higher Education

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate

  • World Health Organisation

and apply their recommendations.

Taking into account the safety of LUT community, people who have returned within last days from the Asian countries and from Italy, especially from the regions: Lombardy, Venice, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Latium [even if they had no contact with ill people and feel fine] are strongly advised to restrict their activities for 14 days [stay at home], monitor their health condition and contact with the sanitary inspectorate.

If within 14 days you notice any bothering symptoms concerning the respiratory system, you should contact the sanitary-epidemiological station on the phone or come immediately to the contagious diseases specialist.

The LUT employees, who are in a risk group and because of that fact cannot work are asked to inform the direct supervisor about that fact.

The decisions about the possible justification of a temporary absence at LUT of those who  have returned to Poland from the regions where the cases of coronavirus occurred, shall be made individually:

  • regarding employees – unit managers,
  • regarding PhD students – deans
  • regarding students – vice-deans for student affairs.

LUT students who are concerned by the above statement are asked to contact with their lecturers via mail or telephone. The lecturers are asked to have the flexible attitude to the way of taking exams by the students who are in a risk group.

All LUT employees and students are advised to follow the World Health Organisation recommendations concerning prevention against the coronavirus infection, i.e. :

  • frequent hand washing with water and soap or alcohol-based liquids,
  • covering your mouth with bent elbow or with the tissue while sneezing and coughing, throwing away the tissue and washing hands later on,
  • avoiding touching the eyes, mouth and nose,
  • vaccinating against the flu
  • avoiding travelling during the infection,
  • avoiding close contact with people who cough or have a temperature,
  • avoiding the contact with live animals and surfaces on which these animals stayed and also avoiding the contact with ill people while staying in places where the cases of coronavirus infection were noted
  • avoiding eating raw or undercooked meat or milk and looking after the hygiene of the places in which raw meat or offal are prepared.