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Erasmus students may be accommodated in the Lut’s Dormitory at the university campus area.

In an APPLICATION FORM 2022/2023 - the link to the application is here - choose the answer <yes> for the Lut’s Dormitory.

The rule of dealing with your application is on first come first served basis.

Please remember that the number of places in the Dormitory is limited and the acceptance within Erasmus+ Programme does not mean the automatic acceptance of accommodation.

University has a right to reject an application for accommodation if students send their application documents after the deadline of application within Erasmus+ Programme or due to accommodation place limit.

Students, whose applications are not successful are advised to contact estate agencies in Lublin or their buddies who will help them to find other accommodation in Lublin. Please email ESN POLLUB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get contact data to your buddies.

Q&A questions and answers

Q: what do I need to do FIRST to get a place in the Lut’s Dormitory?

A: you need to get a Letter of Acceptance of LUT studies.

Q: where, on the web page, could I apply for the place?

A: in APPLICATION FORM 2022/2023 - the link to the application is here - choose the answer <yes> for the Lut’s Dormitory


Q: when will I know that I’m accepted to stay at the Lut’s Dormitory?

A: you'll receive the email correspondence: confirmation and further instruction


Q: how could I book my accommodation?

A: first, pay in 100Eur as a returnable deposit

Q: could I get the document for the visa purpose based on the accommodation at Lut’s Dormitory

A: yes. it will be sent to you via email


Q: how does the room look like?

A: there are only 3-person rooms available.

each room is equipped [room-furnishing-list.pdf] with beds, desks, desk lamps, wardrobes & a kitchen annex with the sink and the refrigerator.

there is the bedding: a duvet, a pillow and a blanket. 3-piece bedclothes consists of pillow cases, duvet cases and blankets could be changed for the clean ones every 4 weeks at the Reception desk.
a kitchen and the shared bathrooms per floor are at students`disposal.


Q: do I need to bring my own bedding?

A: no.

but bring your own towels.

also, each student needs to buy for the personal use: toilet paper, soap, washing powder, fabric conditioners & washing-up liquid


Q: how could I cook my meals?

A: you need to have your own pots, frying pans, kitchen utensils and plates, mugs, cutlery and of course ingredients :]


Q: is there a cattle available?

A: no, there isn’t. have your own.


Q: is there the gas cooker and the oven?

A: yes, the gas cooker and the oven are in each floor kitchen, you need to share them with others


Q: who does look after the room equipment?

A: residents do. students are responsible for all the items submitted to them based on room-furnishing-list.pdf


Q: is there room service provided?

A: room service is not provided. students clean their rooms by themselves.

common areas like: bathrooms, kitchen, laundry rooms are looked after the Lut’s Dorm cleaning staff. when using them, applying the rule of Indians: ”leave no trace” is more than welcome :]


Q: is there the wi-fi available?

A: yes, there is the Internet connection. students need to set up or activate their eduroam account. in some places of the building the signal might be a little weaker.


Q: what is the address of the Lut’s Dormitory?

A: Dom Studenta Politechniki Lubelskiej nr4

Nadbystrzycka 42 A,

20-501 Lublin, Polska

Q: how much money do I need to pay for my accommodation?

A: one place in a 3-person room costs 410,-pln a month. it covers media and blanket change once a month. students have to pay for the whole semester in advance, within 7days since arriving.

Q: How much money do I need to pay for my expences while in Lublin?

A: If you stay in Dorm, cook your own meals, do own grocery shopping, travel by public transport or walk on foot & have an unexpensive hobby you'll probably need about 1000,-PLN /each month. Other prices are more or less as expensive as in other East-European countries.

Q: how can I pay for the returnable deposit?

A: do the regular bank transfer

the OWNER of the bank account [who you sent 100Eur to ] is: Politechnika Lubelska

the address of the owner of the bank account is: Nadbystrzycka 38D, 20-618 Lublin, Polska

IBAN number is: PL 23124023821978001094340340

name and address of the bank: PEKAO S.A. III Oddział Lublin, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 64, 20-076 Lublin, Polska

Q: what could I do when I have no bank account on my own?

A: use your family or friend account

but remember, money will be returned to the same bank account as sent from

Q: what should I write in the title of the bank transfer?

A: your name and surname

also: deposit money for Lut’s Dorm


Q: what could I do when some money is consumed by the bank commission and exchange rate payment

A: please, allow some extra money. students can pay up the missing amount of money when already in Lublin as a regular payment in cash, in the PKO bank office at Lut’s campus


Q: can I stay with my friend in the same room?

A: yes, when you apply and during the email correspondence you need to mention that

Q: how could I know about the room conditions and my roommates?

A: when you arrive to Lut’s Dormitory you can see the room without any financial consequences. If you decide to stay you will be asked to sign the Resident’s Registration Card, the Room Equipment Charter and the Hand-over Report in two copies, one for you and one for Administrator of Dormitory.

 [and of singing the Resident's Registration Card]


Q: could I arrive to the Lut’s Dorm at night?

A: yes, the Dorm reception works 24/7


Q: could I arrive before the beginning of the semester?

A: yes. you need to pay extra money: 50,-pln for each day before and after the semester edges

Q: could I stay during holiday time?

A: the extension of stay is possible. students need to turn to the Dorm Manager for an individual permission. also: payment for accommodation during holiday time (July, August, September) is regulated by separate provisions.

Q: could I get back my Eur money if I decide not to stay in the Lut’s Dorm?

A: yes, the returnable deposit will be returned. please, provide your data with IBAN.

please, open, download and fill in on the computera document print it out and sign and bring it either to OIE, room3 or to Dorm4 Reception Desk.

Feel free to edit and/or delete any data which doesn't apply to you!!!!

also, you could scan it and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and allow about 14 days to proceed

Q: could I get my accommodation money back if I shorten my stay?

A: in case of early cancellation of stay in the Dormitory, a fee is charged only for the exact period of stay and the remaining amount will be refunded to the student account within two weeks from the date of handing in the document for DORM fee return


Q: how can I get my deposit money returned?

A: please, open, download and fill in on the computer this template document

Feel free to edit and/or delete any data which doesn't apply to you!!!!

after that: print it out and sign and bring to the Reception Desk at the Lut’s Dormitory